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The midday overcast provided the perfect light to shoot the Liberty Theatre sign glowing out of the driver side window. Liberty, a concept we all know but seemingly few seem to understand enough to live out. How much are we coerced into doing things we do not want to? How often do we make decisions from a place of true free will? Doing what we want is deemed selfish, and it does sound that way. But for the artist, doing what we want is everything. Do you only follow rules, or do you break them when they stand in the way of your true expression. This one is for the rule breakers and the trend setters, the ones not afraid to express their liberty when the spirit of Life calls them to action.

Libertas perfundet omnia luce – Liberty will flood all things with light.

Matte: Canson Rag Photographique 310 – 100% Cotton, Museum Grade Fine Art Photo Paper.

Only 3 – 12 x 18 will be printed, 3 of 3 Available!

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