Once Upon a Time in the West – Wall Display



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Once Upon a Time in the West – Wall Art Display

It’s been only a handful of decades since these lands were untouched by modern man. The earth towers over the boutique shops and tourist attractions of Springdale, and as more boxes of foreign timber and concrete are constructed the contrast between nature’s perfection and man’s flawed designs becomes more and more apparent to the naked eye. But, as we are a part of her designs, our imperfections are a part of her perfection. The indigenous wisdom has been hidden in plain site, as the free spirit of the West worries for her life. May she find her song for many more decades to come.

Only 1 full display will be printed
1 of 1 Available! 

100% Cotton
1: 1/1000s at f/7.1, ISO 300
Focal length: 135.0mm

2: 1/4000s at f/5.0, ISO 320
Focal length: 55.6mm

3: 1/4000s at f/5.3, ISO 320
Focal length: 70.2mm

Matte: Canson Rag Photographique 310 – 100% Cotton, Museum Grade Fine Art Photo Paper.

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12 x 18




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